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Managed Security Platform

CTECH is very proud to be a leading partner of Custodian360’s unique fully managed security platform that monitors your entire network for threats in real-time and this is backup by a dedicated team of highly trained security analysts providing you peace of mind.

What it Does

  • Detect threats to your IT Infrastructure
  • Protects your critical system and data in real-time
  • Automatically repairs and rollback damage
  • Leading Ransomware recovery

Custodian360 silently monitors all user and kernel space activity, so when threats are detected we stop them in their tracks regardless of their nature allowing your business operations to continue uninterrupted. We can automatically repair and roll back any damage to your files, unlocking ransomware locked systems and closing infection points to ensure your system’s defences are constantly evolving with the latest threats.

For your FREE 14 day Check-up please contact us today on you can run this trial alongside your current security program.