IT Support

Maintain productivity and increase profitability

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Technology plays an important strategic role in business development; every company needs fast and resilient IT systems to maintain productivity and increase profitability. CTECH can become your company IT department which covers data backups to business continuity planning: IT Support addresses the fundamental issues that affect modern-day businesses.

When you choose CTECH Business as your support company, we take this appointment seriously and will be fully committed to ensuring your IT systems run smoothly and efficiently.

Before we begin supporting your business, we follow the steps below:

  • Technical deep dive and consultation meeting will be held free of cost to know your set-up and requirements, both commercially and technically
  • An internal totality services technical meeting takes place to discuss all the collected information and define appropriate support and solution
  • A detailed proposal will be provided along with associated costs for it
  • On the proposal agreement, the on-boarding process will start for free. Depending on the complexity of the project, this activity will require 2 to 4 weeks of lead time
  • On completion of the onboarding, the support contract will begin

This is done via the following key elements of your support package:

  • Dedicated IT helpdesk manned by IT Professionals
  • Ability to remotely access your systems to solve issues quickly
  • Latest server management and monitoring systems
  • CTECH Portal so you can monitor and manage your helpdesk calls
  • Regular onsite visit and reviews
  • Honest and friendly team that you will enjoy working with

Our IT Support contract available to you

As no two business are the same, CTECH’s three most popular IT support contracts can be tailored to your business requirements. So, your IT Support contract matches your specific business needs.

Time Based

We have been providing maintenance and Ad hoc support for business since we have started, We know, from experience that each and every organisation has different needs so our flexible options allow us to meet individual requirements and budgets…

Just pay for what you need!

Fixed Fee

Pay one price per month, you will get all the IT Support you ever need to run your business.  We will manage your IT…

CTECH support includes the following in our package:  

  • Unlimited remote IT Support via phone & email from 08.00 am-20.00 pm Mondays to Fridays
  • Windows and Mac Workstations
  • IT Security 
  • Proactive maintenance of IT infrastructure 
  • New staff on-boarding and staff leavers off-Boarding 
  • Hardware advisory, purchase or lease 
  • Hardware audit and asset management 
  • weekly or monthly helpdesk report
  • Monthly or quarterly account management meetings 
  • IT Director Service (2 hours free IT Consultancy per month)

Additional services you will be interested in

  • Onsite IT Support (hourly or daily)
  • IT Support 24/7/365
  • IT Consultancy (Charged daily)
  • Mailbox and Data Migrations
  • Hosted Solutions (Microsoft 365, Business Voice and Internet)
  • Hardware Purchase of Tech as A Service
  • Office moves
  • Network Cabling

Our other services

We offer a full range of IT solutions that will cover all of your business needs: