Cyber Security

Cyberware & Managed Security Platform.

CTECH is very proud to be a leading partner of an next-gen fully managed security platform that not  monitors your endpoint but also your entire network. This is an enterprise grade solution for those who don’t have the time or resources internally to manage cyber security themselves. 


Were you aware that half of all cyber-attacks are targeted at SME’s,  almost 60% of companies have experienced cyber-attacks such as DDoS, Phishing, Ransomware and social engineering attacks.  


 How CTECH Managed Antivirus for Business can help you: 

  • identify and stop malicious processes running on any device in your network.  
  • Quarantine infected files and allow you to track the entry point into the system.  
  • Automatically disconnect machines that pose a threat if infecting more of the network.
  • Alert our Security specialists to a issue so they can manually intervene before a problem spreads.
  • Immunise your machine in real time and the latest exploits and virus in the market.
  • Provide detailed reports as regularly as required to keep you abreast of the health of your network. 


So get today with us for your 14 day cyber security health check, this will allow us to run a full report on how your network vulnerabilities  and how we can resolve them.

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