We provide the next gen connectivity solutions

When you choose CTECH as your connectivity partner your business will benefit from our Next Generation connectivity network. We work for you to get the best deal in the marketplace. Our current connectivity is the following:  

  • FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)
  • FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) 
  • Leased Lines (10Mb to 100Mb) 
  • Gigabit (100Mb to 1Gb) 
  • Fully managed MPLS networks 

CTECH knows that it is vital every business is relying on the internet for its day to day running and communications, you need the confidence that your ISP won’t let you down and has the best connectivity solution available to you and at the right price.   

We are aware that your internet connectivity must be secure, fast, responsive and very reliable this will then allow your business to develop. We operate a flexible and tailored approach to your requirements for now and the future.

Why your business needs FTTC or FTTP

In the constantly changing world of connectivity, you need to choose the right partner that looks towards the future, instead of looking at what will fit your business now. Here at CTECH, we believe in getting your business running right the first time, and we are here when your business grows too. We offer tailored solutions to your requirements. 


The solution for Smaller business would be the FTTC which means Fibre To The Cabinet and likely speeds of 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, you will need to have a PSTN circuit into your building. The Ideal size of business that this would be good for is around 1-8 users depending on your industry.


The next service that is available would be FTTP which means Fibre To The Premise, and you likely speeds for up to 1Gbps download and 1Gbps upload depending on what solutions you go for… This is good for all sizes of business from 5-500 users.

Have a chat with our consultants today about your requirements

Gigabit Leased Lines

Your business needs more than just speed, you also require a guaranteed service for absolute assurance. So, let us introduce you to leased lines. Our fibre options are the highest grade of connectivity and are designed for businesses that need guaranteed performance, reliability and robust infrastructure for your critical everyday operations – now and into the future.

NextGen Fibre Leased Lines

Say hello to the platinum standard of CTECH Business Solutions connectivity. 1Gbps Fibre leased lines run all the way to your premises and offer unlimited bandwidth, synchronous speeds, and completely uncontended lines so you never compromise on speed or reliability.

Proactive Monitoring 

In the unlikely event, your service does experience any issues, we’ll start fixing it before you have to pick up the phone.

Drive your Business Efficiencies

Ensure your teams can accomplish more with reliable, guaranteed connectivity.

Completely Un-contended Solution

That means you never share the internet connection with any other business. The speeds we promise are the speeds you will get.

Take control of your own IT estate

Faster broadband enables your digital infrastructure to be better positioned for future technology, which usually requires a high-quality connection.

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